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nike 2018 early spring air max 270 shoes arrival

 Recently on the Air Max 270 news can be described as flying, in the early spring of nike 2018 will come, is the black color of the re-engraved return. It is undeniable that the Air Max 270 has a considerable position in the minds of the shoes, but the overwhelming news that this pair of shoes has become the focus of the crowd, but the more popular hot spots, the more people follow the street Of the "unique" seems to run counter to the current addition to Air Max 270 no other choice? Some, basket mode haut hommes air max 270 orange low balight in the Air Max series inside, you can choose a lot of the.
  Air cushion technology is the core of the Air Max 2017 can not shake, Nike Air Max 270 basket mode haut hommes air max 270 black redis equipped with upgraded to improve the airbag, to enhance the air chamber inside and outside the air pressure stability, bringing comfort and flexibility to step on foot feeling, and later through appropriate improvements, but also Strengthen the balance of gait when walking. Design, the suede combined with the net to create the shoe body, the overall overflow of the strong retro atmosphere, the highest degree of recognition of the "teardrop-shaped" air-cushion window so that many running shoes have a smile, in March this year, was re-engraved, all Because it is not popular style, now start too late. In the Air Max family, the shoes are designed to be fine and not elegant style of the shoes, than Air Max 93. As Tinker Hatfield's pearl, of course, has its own unique charm. Shoes, the use of neoprene rubber fabric to wear, wearing a very fit feet, carrying a large 270-degree visual air cushion, but also make this shoe derived from the Air Max 270 another title. It is worth mentioning that, when the Land Rover car ads will be placed on the pair of Air Max 93 to achieve the technology to promote air suspension, so influential cross-border advertising is indeed quite rare.
Follow the nike Air Max 2017 air cushion structure, but the Air Max Burst series can be said that the public awareness of the object. Burst translates to "sudden blasting", when Tinker Hatfield named for the shoes, then a joking way to respond to the outside of the air cushion is easy to rupture of the question, we can see that this shoe itself with goodwill ridicule, even the great design The division also likes to play the word game. Although Air Max Burst is not a breakthrough innovation, but the law-abiding shoes shape, equipped with 270 degrees visual air cushion, this time will usher in a new color of the Nike Air Max 1 SC Jewel "University Blue" will debut! White and blue tone, the use of pure white leather to build shoes, the biggest bright spot is the shoe side will shrink the Swoosh logo, supplemented by blue pearl made of material, and the huge Swoosh logo printed on the translucent rubber at the end of the bar. Exudes a rich retro atmosphere, full of fun! I believe there will be a classic "resurgence" of the day.
Born in 1989, Air Max Light, relative to the successor of the Air Max 90, the design is not too sprinter change. However, compared with the Air Max 1 not only to reduce the weight of the body of the shoe body, but also to enhance the overall wear of footwear foot feeling, with a new upgrade technology and combines the two popular retro running shoes essence, with the streets and fashion The relationship has become increasingly close, fashion show field has become a designer and brand release the latest joint product of the perfect stage. Recently, the Japanese fashion brand COMME des Garcons in Paris Fashion Week released the 2018 spring men's show, showing this and good partner Nike with its classic Air Max 180 for the creation of the blueprint and create a new COMME des Garcons x Nike Air Max 180 Joint shoes From the release of the picture can be seen, at least two colors for everyone to choose. Girls heart bursting of pink as the main colors throughout the design, respectively, supplemented by black, gray in the visual hit color processing, the overall retro atmosphere at the same time, fashion elements have also been highlighted. But the magic is that, although as a joint design, but it seems that where can not find CDG LOGO it is a remarkable advantage. Now the trend has been sweeping the world, this pair between Air Max 1 and Air Max 90 between the masterpiece, this year also launched a new color, it is expected to see more colors in the future there.

2018 Nike Air Max 270

- Fast Speed ​​Train This is following the Air Max 270, and a pair of people can easily grasp the eyes of the masterpiece. Air Max 97 design and 270 similar to the use of wave-like stripes highlight the sense of hierarchy, sincerely exudes a rich future science fiction atmosphere, but its biggest bright spot is still in the midsole, has been proud of the whole palm air cushion. Designers from the Japanese Shinkansen high-speed train inspiration, the overall shape of a shoe like a fast speeding the train, the picture is very full of sense.
Rewinding Air Max series of stories, I believe that the moment is simply impossible to list clearly, in fact, for such a brilliant legendary series, every one of the shoes have their own story, more 2017 shoes as:nike air max 2017 homme,nike air max 2017 femme waiting for your arrival

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